Weekly Update 2024_07

Weekly Update 7 of 2024

Welcome to another weekly update for all thing Smallburg.

This has been a slow week for development as a lot of things happened at the same time. Still the Embers pack is coming along.

So let's start:

Village Pack

Current update : Interior Revamp

Added wood walls to the entire pack. Simple but effective, the housing system was a bit bland and I added more flash to it.

Farm Pack

Current update : Woodchopping Revamp

After the woodchopping animation was finished, we needed well.. proper trees to chop.

I added a pine tree with pines as produce for the tree.

Next I want to do a growth, from sapling to full tree on this pine tree.

Dungeon Pack

Current update : Hit animation

I'm finishing the hit animation with all the clothing being updated. I added the clothing for the top of the body.

Mine Pack

Current update : Mine Entrances

More mine entrances. Almost up with these, but I'm having too much fun.

Fishing Pack

Current update : Beach tileset

Added more connectors to the beach. I'm really enjoying making a beach tileset.

Diving Pack

Current update : Swim animation

Added some of the hairs for the swim animation. Next week I'll add the rest.

UI Pack

Current update : Hot Bar Icons

Continuing the UI changes, I added a open bag icon to last weeks icon.

Next Pack: Emberboos

A sort of pokemon/pals like pack. 

This is a pokemon like pack, for you to build evolving monsters/animals/pals into your game.
I want to have a way to hatch them from eggs or something and the have two evolutions for each one.

All work this week has been on hold as I was mainly focused on playing Diablo 4 and Baldur's Gate 3... I'm hooked on both.

I've already showed this before, but if you havent seen this one, here it again.

Well that is it for this week. Next Wednesday I'll have more updates on the pack.

See you soon.

Check out the updates in the packs here:


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Love the Pine Tree, great job!

Thank you. Hope you enjoy what is coming up next. The entire growth of the pine tree, from sapling to full tree.