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A downloadable smallburg village pack

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Welcome to SmallBurg a quaint little village for your game.

This is a cute 16x16 tileset to help you make games like Stardew valley, littlewood, Forager or Harvest Moon. 

This pack is done but I keep adding stuff to it, check the roadmap below for more details.

Latest Update: The shops

I've added two shops. The stall versions appear in both free and paid, the shop versions in This the paid version only.

Market Stall

Market Building

(the UI is not within this pack and was made using the UI Pack)

Potion stall 

Potion Shop, either static (with several colours) or animated ...

The ore stall

Fisherman store

And more to come...

What else does this pack contains?

This pack is an ongoing development and will be updated throughout the year, usually updated every Monday.

This pack contains all you need to create a town for your game. It includes characters, clothing, hairstyles, houses, interiors and much more.

4 Directional Movement Animations
  • Idle, Walk, Run, Jump

You can create a set of different characters using the layered character approach.

To achieve a number of different characters in game.

Also... even if the characters are small, there is also still some pixels to cut out and make KIDS!!

Fully animated for idle, walking and running...
With all of hair options for them, all of it also animated.

The same flexibility can be applied to the housing system. Mix and match to create different houses and interiors for your game.


Yes! Smallburg has seasons. It's still only for the tiles and trees, but I want to make a snowy version for the lamps and signs as well. 

Now you can create the passage of the seasons for your game!

What does this pack include?

  • 100+ Terrain Tiles to create your village
    • Seasonal tiles for all four seasons
    • Animated water tiles
    • Ice lake tiles
    • Plants, Rocks, Bushes and Trees
    • Three types of trees with fruits
    • Three sizes of trees
    • Seasonal trees for each season
    • Wooden Piers
    • Wooden Fences
  • SmallBurg character to mix and match
    • 4 directional movement (up, down, left, right)
    • Character animations (idle, walk, run, jump)
    • 3 types of skin tones
  • Children character
    • 4 directional movement (up, down, left, right)
    • Character animations (idle, walk, run, jump)
  • Clothing Options:
    • 2 types of pants
    • 4 types of shirts
    • 9 types of hair
    • 6 different hair colors
  • Housing System:
    • Mix and Match houses
    • 4 different types of walls and 4 different types of roofs, 2 types of window
    • Interior floors for the houses, wood, and ceramic
  • Doors:
    • Lots of different doors for the housing system
  • Interior furniture :
    • Bed, Beside Table and Wardrobe
    • Book cases
    • Tables and chairs
    • Couches
    • Fireplace (not animated)
    • Kitchen cabinets
    • Kitchen Sink
    • Fridges
    • Ovens
    • and more

This pack development is still on going, as I want to create more items for it before I continue to create more packs to expand SmallBurg.


I'm currently ongoing with this and the other packs. I decided to expand all of them, so expect an update every week give or take. This is the expected roadmap for this pack for the next couple of updates.


There are two pack inside of this, a free one with a subset of the items in the pack and the commercial with all items.

You can use both in your commercial games.

Thank you for supporting me and Smallburg, it means a lot.

Free License:

By using the free license you are allowed to use this pack on any commercial and non-commercial project you desire.

You are allowed to edit the assets, for any commercial and non-commercial project.

You cannot use the assets on any commercial project, redistribute or re-sell any of the assets of this pack. You cannot claim it as your own. You cannot use it in NFT related content.

Credit is not required but appreciated.

A link to your work would be appreciated as well, so I can see the usage people give to this asset pack.

Commercial License ($3.99)

By using the commercial license you are allowed to use this pack on any commercial and non-commercial project you desire, any number of times.
One license for several commercial projects with a one time cost of $3.99.

You are allowed to edit the assets, for any commercial usage.

You cannot redistribute or re-sell any of the assets of this pack or change the assets for reselling as your own art or NFTs.

Credit is not required but appreciated.

If you use this asset pack on several different projects, it would be great if you buy one extra license for each new commercial project, but that is not required, just highly appreciated.

A link to your work would be appreciated as well.

Free & Commercial Zip files differences

The free version contains only the base spring assets and lacks some animations. As time moves on, I will update both with new assets. 

Feel free to try the free version as much as you want and if you think its worth it, support me by buying the paid version. 

Other SmallBurg packs

As I continue to expand the SmallBurg asset pack, new packs will be added here. Currently we have two extra packs, the farming and dungeon packs

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
Tags16-bit, 2D, Animals, Cute, Farming, Pixel Art, Retro, Tilemap, Tileset, Top-Down


Get this smallburg village pack and 3 more for $10.00 USD
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I'm unsure how to make horizontal roofs as shown in the screenshots. I think this may accidentally include the vertical roofs from the Plants and Crafting Pack instead?

Sorry for the late reply.
No. I've added those as well to the village assets, in a second revamp of the housing system.

As you see its divided by squares for the tiles (this is Aseprite guidelines). Just mix and match all of these.

Thank you for such a quick reply! Your clarification makes sense. I had used that part, but noticed it looked slightly different than your screenshots, so had assumed I misunderstood something!

Thanks again, and your pack is awesome! I just picked up your bundle :D

Good set! I wanted to ask if you could draw future technologies for example "Solar panel" "Water or air extraction generator" for Mars and much more!!!!

Hey! what a cool pack! I started building a little demo that randomizes a character with random skin, hair, etc. I noticed some inconsistencies in the filenames and folders between different character states idle, jump, run, walk. So I wrote a little script to help me detect what file paths to adjust in order to make them consistent. I wanted to share the inconsistencies I found and the script:

(1 edit) (+1)

Really nice, this will help a lot. At start  I did not have a proper structure for the files, but as the pack grew, I started having one. Some things slipped by. I will use this and update the pack in the future updates.
Thank you.

EDIT : Upon viewing the script output... really thank you. This will help me organize everything 10x faster.

What is the name of the font?

Sorry, I missed this comment. Which font?

Hello! I'm sorry if I'm getting this wrong but I think the idle_cacuasian_skintone.png file may be incorrect in the directory assets/character/adult/body/idle. It's the same as the walking animation for me! Would it be possible for you to update this, please? I'm a huge fan of your art btw

No! You were 100% correct. Sorry, a lot of exporting done from one Aseprite file, I tend to double check everything, but sometimes I let something slide.
It should be fixed now. Give it a try please.

Let me know whenever you find something like this. Thank you!

Got it now, thank you for fixing it so quickly!

(1 edit)

No problem. I'm on my computer revamping the Adventure pack to a whole new pack, so literally hands on the assets right now!

(1 edit)

hi almosApixel! are you planning on adding some axe/pickaxe animations or tools for crafting? this is such a cool asset and even color if it will have crafting like stardew valley!!!

edit: i saw the farm extension but too bad i have to pay, it would be more cool if you would do the license thing like this one!

I have some axe/pickaxe animations done, but they are for a new pack I'm doing for crafting. It will come out soon. 
I usually add assorted stuff from all packs to this main pack, but animations are not one of them.

Regarding the price point, unfortunately free packs don't sell a lot (almost nothing), so making them free will render me out of the art asset creation business as it will become non profitable for me in the long run.
I already set low prices (ofc this depends on the country you live) exactly so that everyone can have them, without breaking the bank.

But I really do appreciate the enthusiasm shown by you regarding this pack.

ah i understand about the free packs that sell nothing, thats unfortunate, but i will surely buy the pack when i have money! continue making this amazing assets!

(2 edits)

Hi almostApixel! this is an awesome asset pack :) I'm currently working with it in a small farming game I'm developing. Im just having one little problem. In your house gif, your building has two stories. I cannot for the life of me seem to figure out what pieces are needed for this. Would there be any chance you could point me in the right direction? (Apologies if I'm being blind and its more obvious than I can see >.<) I look forward to seeing where you take this asset pack in the future :D

(4 edits)

Hey. Thanks for the kind words. I'm away from home today, I'll update an example here in the evening and add it as an example to the housing system.

(Edit)I actually had the pack in my other computer so, I looked at it now.

The items you are looking for are these:

These are put on top of the walls to and then add the top wall tile on top of them like this.

Hope this helps.

(1 edit)

So I've tried messing around with the pieces that you have pointed out. I seem to have a line going through the house like so... 

So I'm sure I'm still doing something wrong. Can they work together on the same layer? Its going something really simple that I'm missing >.< (Apologies if I'm being a pain).

Ah.. I see the issue. You see, the pack was created to be layered. So you need to construct a wall as if nothing was above it using the middle low wall and the middle top wall and then, on another layer on top of it, add the middle wall and another top wall.

Usually in games, you layer the levels. So you have a fully rendered lower layer as if nothing was above, and then create another layer on top of it with the new assets.
Dont remove the top wall in the lowest layer, keep it there and add another layer of tiles on top of it. Render both.

Also, it's not a bother at all, glad to help a fellow developer. And these comments make me think on how to improve the pack for the future. Thank you!

Ahh ok I think I understand now :D. Haven't really done the multi-layer thing unless it's been 1 layer for ground 1 for buildings 1 for decor etc. But I am always looking for new challenges and I think I've found a  fun one. Also to keep you in the loop, I plan on making a small Zelda type farming game with your assets. Not sure, but I hope this helps with ideas for further updates as well :D. Really good work I love it.

Just a small update, your instructions where bang on the money and really easy to follow. I am now able to create what I was looking for. Thank you very much. rate : 10/10 :D

Hello! Can I buy a bundle from you via webmoney?

Hey! I use the systems provided by itch. I can't check it right now, but I can look into it.

I can't buy through itch, but I would really like to purchase.

I really love this pack.
But I don't understand the housing system, since I can't find the upper walls.

And the biggest tree has a pixel issue on the top right.

A guide for the pack would be nice especially Videos.

Awesome pack! I got this and the farm pack in the sale and I am loving it! :)

I am just facing a single problem,

since all the animations are in a single sprite sheet, it's a bit confusing which is for which. Can you make it so that the sprite sheets of each animation are split up? or a guide or png showing which animation is which?

Thanks for the kind words. I'm actually working on that. I'll add it today or tomorrow morning.

Thank you!

Im really new to Tilesets can you point me in the direction on how I can get the characters to have clothes from the tile set please?

I can't do it now as I am out of my house, but I'll add a PNG with the correct layer in which to add the items to the character, as soon as I arrive home.

Thank You 

Haven't forgotten about you. I'm making a guide to add to the pack. But just to speed you up the order of layers should be (From back to front):

  1. Body
  2. Tools
  3. Clothes (can be any order here)
  4. Hair

So, for example: You pick up the body, then paste the tools on top of it, then the clothes and finally the hair.

All sets have the layers divided by side (right, left, up, down), one row for each side.

Perfect thank you

Unsure if im just blind but i cant seem to find the roofs for the houses...

(2 edits)

Just checked! They are next to the walls, on the right!
On tileset folder, "Housing tileset.png".

On the village pack I only have the normal (horizontal) roofs

As you can see here. If you are looking for the vertical ones, like so:

They are the farm roofs. I will port them to the village sooner rather than later, but as of now they are only on the farm.

Oh sorry, My apologies i didnt realise they were them. Thank you

nah! I'm glad I can help. Let me know if there's anything new you would like to see in the pack;

I would love to see stuff like parks and recreational things

uuuUUUuuu didn't think about that one. Great tip! I'll add it to the backlog.

This is absolutely beautiful! Love your work. Sending you good vibes :)


Good vibes received. Thanks!

This is so awesome, you are really talented! It would be great if you could add asprite json files in the pack.

(1 edit) (+1)

Just looked it up, and it seems easy enough. Let me see if I can manage it tonight when I have more time available.

Sorry to keep you waiting.

I still haven't been able to do this as I need to understand it a bit better. I will get on this as soon as I release the farm pack!

gosh its so good

Thank you. Feel free to give some ideas to add to the pack.

Hey bro! First of all, nice asset pack, thanks for sharing it! I found a few problems:

  • The bottom left corner of the house tileset doesn't have a shadow at the top. I think it's an error because it looks wrong without it, and in the example images the shadow is there.

  • The pants.png file contains all the characters sprites (hairs, bodies, shadows...), not only the pants.

Ah... Probably an issue with the layers when I exported. I'll fix this and and update the pack as soon as I get back home. Thanks for the catch. I'll update this thread as soon as I fix it !

Sorry for the delay. Just fixed those issues.

I also double checked all of the housing and the blue house shadow was wrong. Also fixed the a t-shirt that was not correct and exported the shoes on the correct png.

Thanks for spotting these issues. It's always a great help for me.
Have fun with the tileset.

Thanks! I'm making a random character generator, I will share the link when I finish :)

Ooohhh.. thats amazing. I'll be updating the pack with more clothes soon. Perhaps you can update it in afterwards.

Really want to see that ...

It's possible that the second row clothes are messed up? For the 1, 3, and 4 rows it looks correct, but the second one not:

I changed the clothing sides at mid development and something might be broken. I'll check it today still. It should be just an horizontal shift.

Here's the link: I hope you like it :) In addition to your spritesheets, it should work with any other spritesheets

Sorry for the delayed answer. I was looking at your character designer and I was not understanding what to do. I then realized that the resolution of your generator was higher than my laptop screen, so I reduced the zoom of the browser.
I then saw the generate button.

I really like the way its simple yet very effective. I'm making a demo for my packs, in unity, and I am going to use your generator to make me some quick NPC's for it.

Great work here. Thanks for this.

Fantastic work.  Looking forward to the farm pack mentioned and possibly some other tool usage animations.

Thanks! Sorry for the late reply.
I am adding the tilling animation to the farm pack and a watering animation as well.
Any other animation you would like to see appear?

(1 edit)

This is awesome, I will prototype my game with your artwork. I really enjoy your style i think your are a great artist. I will most likely buy this pack once there is a farming pack. I will lean towards a sim/building game so anything that adds depth will make this pack shine like mining, farm crops and animals which I believe you are adding already, fishing, Bounty hunting/ mob hunting. Thank you for creating this and allowing us to try it as you are creating it.  

(1 edit)

Thanks for the support and kind words. Please send a link to your work when you have the prototype. I'm really excited to see the amazing ideas that people come up with.

The farm pack will be paid 3.99 solo or 5 together with this base pack, and it will be available starting next month. I understand if this is not what you hope for, but feel free to use this on your prototype, still.

I am hoping to release a paid pack per month and augment the base one with free content every week. In February I will work on a User Interface pack and then a cooking or harvesting pack, still not sure.

This is amazing! The only thing I miss is an animation for character interacting like mining/chopping. I guess they could all be the same animation.

(1 edit)

Thank you for these words. I am still updating the asset pack. Character animation is surely on the line.
I am creating a new pack solely for farming using this as base.
All new character animations in any new pack will come to this base pack.

this is really great work 

Thanks. Love to do pixel art and I had a blast making these.


(1 edit)

Thank you... Would you like to propose some ideas to make it even better?


Sorry, Didn't see this before. I have plans for cats and dogs in this asset soon.
In the farm pack I will add all farm animals (ducks, pigs, chickens, etc).

Hi! Very cute, I love it


Thanks for the kind words. Do you have anything that you would want to see added to the pack?

I want some pets like cats XD , I love cat


humn... I did not think about a pets pack, but that would be great actually.

In the farm pack you'll get the chicken, cow and pig animals. I tried a dog, but I did not like the end results.

But something with several types of cats and dogs, parrots, hamsters and pet snakes. I really like the idea.

I should start a discord and talk with you guys regarding these ideas.

Please put in the description about how much you have to pay in order to have the Commercial License rights

Ah... Of course, it makes sense. It's so obvious I've actually facepalmed :P.
Will update description.

Cute!  Looking forward to seeing what else you make


Thank you for the kind words.
I'm currently adding more content to this pack. Then I was thinking on starting a farm expansion for this.
Do you have any ideas on what you would like to see next?