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Can there be a "UI + Dungeon" pack?

I just buy the "Village+ Craft" bundle, and then find that there's another full bundle. ^.^||

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I usually dont have all of them separated. Just those two bundles.

If you want I can send you a coupon (via the purchase email) to buy the rest of the packs for 5.00 which is the rest of the amount for the full pack.

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I've sent you the email with the link. I've removed the reply to protect your email address 

Incredibly packed in useful stuff. This is huge. Great job! ^^

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great pack with lovely things like cards and dials!

and it’s even on sale so that people who got the previous full bundle don’t have regrets about missing this one (it’s me, I am people)


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Thank you! I'm glad you liked it! I will try and give a early bird discount for people that have supported the packs before. Like that you will never feel that you should have waited to buy the bundle .

It might not be the most business savvy decision... But morally I like it.

I will add more stuff to the pack next week... For example I just realized that I did not add mouse items for the controls... So this next week I'll add it. I'm just working on the dungeon pack revamp, which is taking more time than I expected.

Also, if you want something more for the pack let me know and I'll try and schedule it.

Huge pack and looks great! I should be able to make my whole game with these elements.


This pack is HUGE. And so complete...

Thank you! I really tried to make this one of the most complete UI pack I could find.