Dungeon Revamp update #2

Another couple of days, another couple of updates.

10 years I was in Paris, living for 7 months there. My vice was Orcs Must Die! and Orcs must Die 2. I still love that game to this day.

Orcs Must Die by kraytos on DeviantArt

So when I think about traps, this game always come to mind.

I am adding traps to the dungeon pack, I already created the floor spikes and now I am adding some more.

Some on the walls...

some on the floor.

Like a tar pit

or a slicer in the floor

You know, practical things you see every day on a dungeon.

There are more walls and floor traps that I'm still working on. But if you want a specific trap let me know in the comments bellow.

See you in the next update!

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These come into my mind:

  • pit trap
  • falling blocks
  • flame throwers
  • poison needles
  • swinging blades
  • rolling spheres

and don‘t forget pressuring plates to trigger the trap.

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Those already exist... Both on the floor and on the walls...

Poison!!! I forgot poison traps... Thanks!!! :)